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Our Program

Discourse Montessori brings one-on-one, online literacy tutoring to struggling  readers.

Instruction is phonics-based and Montessori-aligned, using beautiful books and appealing activities. The instructional pace is matched to each student, ensuring high engagement, continuous progress, and growing confidence.


A Hybrid Approach

Toddler Reading

Discourse Montessori accelerates learning by combining personalized lessons held online with a live tutor and lessons with Amira, an interactive, AI-powered education technology that listens to children read out loud, analyzes speech, helps with pronunciation, and makes corrections. Distributed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, in 2021 Amira received a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to support communities with limited access to resources.


Tutors, teachers, and school administrators have access to detailed feedback following each lesson, facilitating insight on the child’s learning and assisting decisions on the next steps for reading mastery.


All tutoring is held online during the school day or extended-day time. The program runs for 10 weeks. Program start and end dates are flexible.

Weekly Program

Every week, students participate in:

  • 3 sessions with their live tutor (20 minutes each)

  • At least 1 session with Amira (15 minutes each)
    Sessions with Amira are unlimited; we typically recommend 2 or more per week.


We have mindfully set the lengths of the sessions to ensure student energy and engagement throughout. Personal tutoring is Big Work and can be fatiguing!

Equitable Pricing

We understand that not all school resources are equal.

We have therefore adopted a flexible pricing model to ensure that the cost of our tutoring is compatible with every school’s budget.

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